My Ten Rules

I will try to be as honest as possible, and not take things down or change them once I post them. However, I would like to reserve the right to change this entry. I thought about making this ten rules for writing, just because it’s interesting to think about each rule in that context. Then I thought, if it’s a rule, it should work for anything.

1. Take the trash out often.

2. Get the good shit up front.

3. Love yourself. (Not “Be in love with yourself.”) We are all incredibly lucky to be here.

4. Make good drinks.

5. If you do it the first time you think about it, the next time you think about it, it will already be done.

6. Be a small fish.

7. Watch where you put your feet.

8. Knowledge. Patience. Tolerance.

9. In work, be humble, kind, and fast.

10. Sit down and listen.

I have to go write now.


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