Beer Blog #2

This is a special day for me, because not only is it the blog weekend, the day I talk about my favorite beers, it is also Cinco de Mayo, which is an integral part of mine and Kim’s anniversary week. Eleven years ago today our friends and family began to gather in Boca Grande, Florida for what was to be the most amazing event in my life.

In Florida there is probably no way to get this beer, which makes me sad for a lot of people. It is actually pretty hard to come by in Nevada. Lots of beers don’t make it across the border from California, but this particular model is one of the most closely guarded by its brewer. There are occasional rumors of its taphandle going up in Stateline bars. It is also delivered to some California stores, such as Whole Foods, so if a person knows the day that it comes in, it is possibimagele to arrive at the proper hour and maybe score a bottle. If you’re thirsty, you had better be ready to fight the other beer geeks who are already waiting.

The only surefire way to get this water of life is to drive to the source in Santa Rosa, California. Even at the brewery, hands are stamped at the door, insuring timagehat each visitor can only take a limited amount. It used to be six bottles. Now they allow people to buy a case at a time. That, friends, is how you drive up demand. Is it worth it? Hell, yes.

I was lucky. My beautiful wife went for me. She brought back these bottles, freshly minted eight days ago now. Inside is the freshest, best tasting example of a double IPA that I have ever had, and I’ve had a lot of hops. There are many IPAs out there, and it seems like every month or so more come out. We might even be reaching a point where some other style of beer will become the new “it” thing. I’m not sure there will ever be a more perfect hoppy beer than this one. I hope that someday you have a chance to try it.


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