Sometimes You’re Going to Have to Dance

I have decided that I need to get back to the purpose of these blogs, that is, to warm up my mind and my fingers before I do my writing for the day. For you, reader, I apologize-it may mean some boring topics. When I started with the blogs, I had a whole list of things I wanted to talk about. That list has now been whittled to nothing, and all of the fine dreams of meaningful words have come to this, a feeling that I have nothing left that’s interesting to say. Also, I have the unsettling feeling that the things I have already said are probably not as important as I wished they would be-I am as full of myself as any human being could be. Here, I think, may lie the possibility of redemption, for it is in reading and writing the words that beauty may come out, a meaningful paragraph may be found, and never will you or I discover it without a few pages of dreck in between. I also have to say that my novel is going swimmingly, and, damn it all, I feel like a writer!

I put notes on cards sometimes, and I had all my topics listed, which I scratched off when I finished them. Now there’s only one card left.

It says “Sometimes you’re going to have to dance, so know a good one.”


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