Big Battle

Today all the background is done and I begin work on the final battle scene of The Silent and Brave. In this episode, the Teilarata have invaded Birrigat, the ward of time. After the mysterious murder of their leader, Alsha Marat, the valetin Dreck has changed sides from the champion to the Teilarata and taken control of the soldiers inside Birrigat. The linearists have retreated from the yard to their caverns, and the action on the east side of Birrigat is watched by Stope and Stull, who have been ordered back to their hands by Dreck but have donned linearist robes to avoid having to fight for the Teilarata any longer.

Meanwhile, the timepiece of Flave, which has been stopped since the champion took the perachora stone, effectively halting time in Birrigat, has begun to turn again. The divinator Riika has led the companions back over the north road into the amphitheater of time to replace the stone. It may be assumed that the linearists and Da’ai Timon do not like the presence of the Teilarata soldiers in Birrigat, even though they remain allies. The tools discovered by the divinator will play a role in the outcome of the battle, as the mystery of Alsha Marat’s murder and the true loyalty of the linearists of Birrigat are revealed.

It’s funny how I can plan and plan, and have this big ol’ scene in mind for the whole time I’m working on the book, and then when I come to the action of the finale instead of having pages and pages of material it’s all over in a matter of moments. I don’t know if that will be the case this time. I sort of hope so–it’s time to move on to book three, The Prosperous and Malevolent, about Los Lewr, the ward of matter. Also, The Silent and Brave is trending longer and longer, close to 300 pages now, and while I need to cut it down I keep thinking of things I need to add, like a scene between Kavela and Ullane where they realize that they love each other after the uncertainty caused by her interest in Kavela’s friend Alvaiinen.


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