A Personal Appeal for Magic

I just finished book two of the quartet that will make up the Peaceful, Brave, and Just. It is about the champion’s quest to liberate the ward of time, Birrigat, from the Teilarata. It is called The Silent and Brave.

It’s good. That’s the thing. I love this story. I didn’t know when I started that it would consume me so completely, that I would like it so much, that I would continue to have ideas and that the ideas would lead to other ideas in the way they have.

Now I want other people to read it. That’s the trick. There’s so many writers out there, and so many stories. I wish that I could just count on it being “discovered”, but I know I can’t. I used to think it was enough just to make the story good, and that everything else would take care of itself, but now I understand that is not the case. I have to make it happen. I have created something wonderful, something different, something that will catch the interest of readers. It’s plotted out the right way. It’s exciting. It has great characters who undergo the storytelling arc and learn about themselves along the way. It has a memorable setting.

Now all I need is some luck, and some magic.

So I’m counting on you. The only tool I have, besides sending it out to agents and hoping that one of them helps me, is this blog. This blog is my “word of mouth.” So please, if you’re reading this, like it. Like anything that talks about the Peaceful, Brave, and Just, or PB&J for short. Leave me a note in here. I’m not ready to start self–publishing it in a blog, but if you tell me you’re interested I will find a way to get you the story so that you can read it. If you like what you read, tell other people about it. I need readers. I need an audience. I need supporters. I need you.

Thank you. Sincerely, thank you.



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