Spoiler Alert-The Peaceful and Just

The quartet of novels called The Peaceful, Brave, and Just tell the story of the champion Salaam Aktelon I, his rise to power, and his choice to defy the Teilarata and return humanity to the wisdom of the four wards of the pallbearers. There are four books because there are four wards.

They are:

The Peaceful and JustArlat, the ward of genetics

The Silent and BraveBirrigat, the ward of time

The Prosperous and MalevolentLos Lewr, the ward of matter

The Serene and ComelyChalcis, the connection of all things

Now-and here is where the spoiler alert comes in-I am going to tell you the plot of The Peaceful and Just. This is not because I don’t want you to read the book. It is because I am trying to work on what I am sending to agents to attract a traditional publishing contract. This synopsis is very simple. It doesn’t include many parts of the plot of the story. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know how The Peaceful and Just ends. Instead, ask me for the novel.


At the beginning of The Peaceful and Just, the Selessian Salaam Aktelon I arrives in Al–Akbah, a free market at the edge of the Teilarata state. He is pursued by Xermexes, a Teilarata keeper who wishes to take him to Arlat, the first ward of the pallbearers, and become the champion for its master, Vladimir von de Veld, and the Teilarata.

The Teilarata are the leaders of the most powerful state in the cruel land of Malvada, where humanity suffers the consequences of the pallbearers’ time on Earth. The Teilarata discourage travel and reject science as dangerous. Their name is derived from the Finnish word teilata; “to execute on the wheel”, a term signifying the violent rejection of ideas and innovation.

Chauncer, a boy from Arlat, discovers a tunnel though the mountains between Arlat and Al–Akbah. Chauncer also desires the services of the champion. However, Chauncer wants Salaam Aktelon I for the Yellow Hands, a society charged with administering Arlat for the benefit of humanity.

When Salaam Aktelon I refuses to go with Xermexes, Teilarata soldiers destroy the market, leaving three survivors. They are Chauncer, a rabbit vendor named Kavela, and Kavela’s helper, an outcast girl named Ullane. Chauncer convinces Kavela and Ullane to travel with him to Arlat to free the champion from the Teilarata.

On the way to Arlat, the companions meet Mesopotamia Wrath, a widow angry with the Teilarata for stealing her almond trees. When Mesopotamia Wrath reveals their identity to Darshan Marat, the leader of the Teilarata soldiers, he sentences them all to breaking on the Teilarata’s iron wheels. Only the intervention of Valdimir von de Veld saves their lives.

Salaam Aktelon I lies dying in Arlat from wounds inflicted on him by the Teilarata soldiers. Vladimir von de Veld needs the companions to convince Salaam Aktelon I to accept Arlat’s help and become the champion. They do so, then learn that Vladimir von de Veld is interested in using Arlat’s healing powers to live forever. Vladimir von de Veld lies beside the champion in the room of light, but Chauncer cuts away the withies of Arlat and Vladimir von de Veld dies on the suicide table.

At the urging of Arlat, the companions use the kapala stone to travel to Low Lewr. There they meet Niisteen, the last scientist. Mesopotamia Wrath stays in Los Lewr to marry Niisteen, and Niisteen gives Ullane the mistral, a powerful weapon to fight the Teilarata.

The companions return to Arlat, where they find the Yellow Hands battling the Teilarata soldiers. Darshan Marat uses the suicide table and Xermexes to create a second champion. Salaam Aktelon I climbs to the top of Arlat and discovers a message from the pallbearers. The Teilarata soldiers kill all of the Yellow Hands, but Kavela is able to cast Darshan Marat into the bottomless caverns beneath Arlat. As the Teilarata soldiers march to attack Ullane’s people, she uses the mistral to dump Arlat’s lake on them, washing the soldiers away and leaving Arlat in the hands of the champion.


The Silent and Brave is the story of the champion’s quest to liberate Birrigat, the second ward of the pallbearers, from the Teilarata.


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