We are working on three things right now.

With Bill I am making the door for Kim’s sound booth. We bought lengths of poplar eight quarters thick, and they sat on the floor in Bill’s garage waiting for us to mill them into a door that we can sink the big double paned window Kim wants and Bill is giving us. The door will be thick and heavy as hell, and will provide much light and much sound deadening. In short, it should be perfect, but after we got the wood Bill was not feeling well and so it just kind of sat there.

Kim is coming to the end of her contract, and we don’t have the extra cash to re-up for their website right now. So she has many auditions to do but the fact that she won’t get any more has made her upset enough that she wasn’t even able to work on the ones she has.

I have the rough draft of The Silent and Brave done, but the depression that followed finishing it and the feeling that no one cared froze me in place, so that I haven’t been revising and haven’t sent out my query letters for this two weeks.

Yesterday and today we broke the paralysis. Kim is working hard in her booth. Bill and I cut the wood into the door and fit it together. Today I worked on my novel. It seems like I’m changing every single word of this thing, but that’s how it goes.


I’m not really sure what the point of this blog is, except that we continue to work for our dreams, and sometimes when it seems hard and like everything is standing in our way we just have to sit down and chip away until the barriers fall and we can hope and dream again.


3 thoughts on “Paralyzed

  1. Hang in there, guys. I think you guys are so diligent and inspirational in the way you keep after your dreams and goals! Love you!


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