Rainy Saturday Revisions

Today I am determined to make more progress on my revisions of chapter one of The Silent and Brave. I have ideas for books three and four and eventually I’m going to have to get there and write them, but for now it is important to keep going on making this book as perfect as I can make it. It is raining a lot and gray outside, and in Nevada that is rare enough that it makes for a good workday. The Jays are playing the Royals in the ALCS and David Price is pitching. He’s a workman like guy.

Doing this really gives me the opportunity to go over my manuscript word by word. The more I delve into it the more I find to change. It’s just little details; the layout of Birrigat and Arden Forest, one censer or two for Riika and Heli to use as they cross the road, things like that. I even had a refernce to the silent priests of Birrigat talking. That would have been a funny mistake to let through.

I have been scratching and scratching, trying to get rid of a few pages, and now that I’m halfway done with the chapter I look at it and realize if anything I’ve added to it. Sigh. Well, at least I am happy with my words. I wouldn’t leave them in there if I wasn’t. This book just seems to keep growing and growing, though, no matter what I do. I’m thinking of more things I need to add. I need to show Alsha Marat’s intention to find his brother’s killer. That would be Kavela, but as I have it now the two never come into contact. It is something I want to think about, though. The possibilities are too rich.

I’ve got ten pages to go, and I would love to finish this chapter today. Tomorrow is football day, with the Vikings vs. the Chiefs. Probably won’t get anything done with that and work. I took a beer over to the neighbor across the street on Thursday. His name is “Moker” (or that’s what he calls himself, anyway.) Turns out he’s a Chiefs fan. I found out how he lost his foot. Construction accident, missed a piece of plywood on a scaffolding and fell thirty feet. Broke his back in three places. He seems nice. I mention it because he’s the one I was thinking about when I wrote that bit “Real Men Water with Hoses.” It is a good way to meet your neighbors, and it’s always good to know your neighbors. We’re getting some new ones right across the street, next to Moker. I wonder how they’ll like the beagles.


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