Breaking chapter one in half gave it a different flow. I’m examining Riika and Heli’s relationship, and the responsibility Riika and Heli feel towards one another. Because Riika can’t see, Heli is responsible for taking him everywhere that is outside the tombs of Birrigat. Because Riika is the older brother he feels responsible for Heli’s happiness, and making them a home in Birrigat.

At first I was thinking of this just as a way to show why Riika is so happy when they find the magnifying sight mounted on the rifle that lets him see for the first time. Now I realize that as I go on with the story this marks a major change in Riika’s life. After he loses Heli he begins to explore beyond the tombs by himself, and actually becomes a good and intuitive scout and hunter, even with his handicap, by using the artifacts he finds in the store in Torijk, especially the binoculars. He does this as a way to repay Heli for taking care of him, and to honor Heli’s desire for exploration. I will have to make changes to emphasize this as I continue my rewrite.

Again I notice the struggle between restlessness and the need to explore vs. the safety of settling down in a controlled environment. Heli’s need to push the boundaries vs. Riika’s timid nature is about to turn bad. Riika will be pulled into a more dangerous world, although everyone in Malvada is experiencing that. He will perform admirably, but not without personal sacrifice.

I’m not trying to say “look how clever I am”. I am marveling at the new layers I find as I go back through my manuscript, fleshing out the story and giving it the color it needs. I am using the story as its own notes now, using it to trigger my mind on to another level. It’s really fun, and one of the things that fascinates me about writing, how individual ideas make that metamorphosis into a greater whole. I don’t think I’m as good at is as some of the great novelists, but I still think I have a talent that I have to nurture.


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