The Storyteller

It is almost Halloween. The days grow shorter. The sun is still warm where it shines, but where it doesn’t the yard and the house grow cold. Here I am, still working at my desk. At this time of the year I have to force myself to take breaks in my work. If I don’t, the cold air squeezing in through the crack in the screen door blows on my and my neck stiffens and hurts. Still, my story calls.

It is my story. Only I know it. Only I can tell it. I am finishing chapter two of book two. I am writing it for you, because it is a story that has never been told. When it is done it will be for entertainment, a story different than any the world has seen before. Today it is about Heli and Riika, and their trip to Torijk, and what they find there. The interplay between the brothers is important, the way that Riika leads them, even though he is the blind one, the way that Heli’s curiosity drives them onward. The foundations of their personal relationship are important becuase when Heli is gone it will help you understand why Riika continues to act in the way he does. Riika’s actions are vital to the rest of this novel, and the rest of the story, and, because he is a new character, it is vital that you understand him, and feel for him, with his myopia, and his sorrow at the loss of his brother, his patience, his need to do what is right for the ward of time.

I am creating something new. So much of what exists in the world has gone before, been done before, is only us doing things that others have always done. This is new. It is hard to do new things, but it is exciting too. It is exciting to know that I have something that is all mine, only mine, and that my purpose in creating it is to share it with you. That is the purpose of the storyteller. So I am a storyteller, and that makes me happy.


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