My Awesome Wife

The Silent and Brave revision: page#96

Kim got her first Voice Over job today. She is finishing up the spot as I write this, has been in contact with the person doing the commercial, and already has a deposit in her account.

It was not easy getting to this point. Building the sound booth was hard. Getting the equipment was expensive. I don’t know how many auditions she did, but I do know that sometimes she felt like she would never get there. I don’t know how many times people at work have asked me (as if they believe it would never happen) “Sooo . . . when is she going to finish school and start making money?” Sending her to classes was sometimes a sore spot for me, and I had to learn that her dreams are important to both of us and that it is worth spending my own hard–earned money on them.

In the end, the pride I feel and the happiness I see on her face is worth every bit of angst we felt and trouble we had to go through. Whatever you want to do in life you can accomplish, just like Kim did. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. The lessons we learned have made our relationship stronger, and success proves that we were right to do it. I know this is only the beginning of her V. O. career, and I know that it is the way she’s going to get out of the grind of the service industry and achieve her dreams.

Today is a great day, and I get to feel good about it too, because I helped get her there. So should her Mom and her teachers and her mentor, and everyone else who supported her dreams and helped make them a reality. If you read this, send her congratulations. She is awesome, and the world is going to learn it soon enough.



One thought on “My Awesome Wife

  1. Ted, you and Kim are both awesome. Kim has worked very, very hard to get to this point, and it is so exciting for her. Also, as she will be the first to say, she is extremely blessed to have the support, encouragement and love that you provide. You and Bill did an amazing job on her sound booth. And, as you mentioned in your blog, Kim has been fortunate to have the instructors, mentors, and friends that have cheered her on.
    Love you both, and the puppies…..


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