On the Ice

The Silent and Brave revision page #103

Originally this chapter was called “Secret Treaties” and it’s main point was setting the stage for Dreck and Antoni Phillipi’s treachery against the champion. Now I’ve changed it to “On the Ice” and it’s more of a description of the Teilarata arm taking up position around Birrigat, and how that affects the champion’s arm sitting across the ice and watching, knowing that their job just got a lot more difficult. Instead of focusing completely on the two valetins, I am working more with the companions, especially Ullane, who is defining her role as a soldier as opposed to the other women in the camp, who are there to earn money from the other soldiers, especially Dreck, who likes to keep a couple in his tent at all times for his personal “use.” Antoni Phillipi has spotted Ullane in the Celestine arm, and he mentions that he is more interested in her, as she is a bruno. Antoni Phillipi is from Azucar, close to Chalcis, and has fought the brunos often; he thinks Ullane should be his slave. All of these insights are my attempt to further develop these characters, while at the same showing how the champion’s arm is not all good. Most of the soldiers in it have their own reasons for fighting against the Teilarata, and not many really care what happens to Birrigat, they are just trying to be on the winning side of the conflict. This will be important later, when Dreck turns against the champion, taking his arm with him. I also want to show Ullane’s spirit and desire to defeat the Teilarata. She is one of the ones fighting for the right reasons. And I want to develop the relationships between her, Alvaiinen, and Kavela. So that’s why I’m back to page #103: I’m having to rewrite the whole chapter, but it’s almost done, and much much better.

Other important things going on today: The Miami Hurricanes are playing Virginia in the ACC Tournament, getting ready for March Madness: both of those teams, as well as North Carolina (who will probably beat Notre Dame and play the winner of the aforementioned game for the ACC championship) could easily be Final Four teams this year.

Also, Kim and I went to the batting cages last night and got the ball rolling on our co-ed softball team. Looks like there’s a lot of interest, and we should have no problem putting together a fun team for summer.



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