The Lamp

For Kim’s birthday last year I bought her a Tiffany lamp. It had lots of pretty colors and it lit up the corner of our couch and living room, where there is no other light after the sun stops shining in the window. It was a floor lamp, very top–heavy, and it survived for three months before the dogs knocked it over and it landed with a sickening, denting thud.

I put it in the corner of my room, next to my dresser, where I would have to look at it every day. The top was bent where it attached to the post, and one side was crushed, with bits of stained glass sticking out. About five pieces were seperated, but I collected them all. Every day  for five months, I said I need to fix the lamp.

On Wednesday, while Kim went to Sausalito for a voice over class, I removed the dented shade from the post. I set it on two blocks of wood and took an iron post for horseshoes, put it through the cap, and pounded out the place where it was lopsided. A pair of pliers finished the job. I cut two strips of wood and used them to push out the dented part, and then a went to town with JB Weld from Home Depot. And it worked. The lamp is fixed and back in place. And it looks good. And I tied a string to it and to the ceiling, so the dogs can’t knock it over again.

Oh, and I also finally hit the target from 300 yards with my 30-06. It’s been a successful week.

I’m so glad I don’t have to see that broken lamp anymore when I go to pick out my boxer shorts and socks for the day.


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