Frank Zappa was Right

Our forefathers warned us about this. When they said “Give me liberty or give me death” they weren’t just whistling Dixie.

Our forefathers understood that when you form a society, the next thing that happens is you make a bunch of laws. You create impersonal legislation that works for no one. You create a police force and a jail system that is run for profit, and eventually you box yourself in until you can’t help but get sucked up into the “shitstem.” At that point, you have created a nanny state that tries to tell everyone how to behave all the time. Since we are all different, this doesn’t work for anyone, and actually pisses some people off so much that they want to hurt other people. A lot of other people.

The end result is that we all become a bunch of victims. We expect someone else to bail us out of trouble all the time. There will always be bad people, and those bad people will always do bad things. In a lot of instances, like the horror in Orlando, there isn’t going to be anyone who can bail you out. You’re going to have to face the devil alone, and all the praying you can do isn’t going to get the SWAT teams in there to save you any faster.

Of course, there will be more legislation. More talk about how we can stop the inevitable from happening. More ways we can make people victims, whether it’s by locking them up, or by taking away their ability to defend themselves, so they have to rely on the nanny state. There will be more people complaining that the locks on their doors aren’t strong enough, or the wall around them isn’t tall enough to keep the bad people out, all the while failing to realize that all they’ve managed to do is succeed in locking themselves in with the wolf.

What’s the answer? The truth is no one can save you but you. It’s called personal fucking responsibility. That’s the answer. Stop being victims. Stop expecting someone else to bail you out. Stop blaming everyone around you. Start living your life right. Take care of the people you love. Do good things.



One thought on “Frank Zappa was Right

  1. Hey Tedwauardo, K here. I too am not at all about The Nanny State. I was wondering if having trained volunteer teams going concealed carry at “soft” target venues would help. If the bad guys know that somebody will likely be shooting back, maybe the Radical Islamic Terrorists (yes, I said it!🐪💩) would thinker twice. Or maybe not… Thanks for the glass and Happy Father’s Day.


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