Synopsis (Again)

The Peaceful and Just revision: complete

The Silent and Brave revision: page #144

At first there were only a few of the matter transmitters called empties, owned by the richest corporations. When the ecoterrorists of the Green Teilate Party stole the empty actuate from the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals and used it to turn roads into empties for everyone, they changed the face of the Earth. In a manner understood by no one, the empties multiplied. Within months, every road, every bit of pavement in the world, every concrete foundation, had the ability to act as an empty. Any human being on Earth could walk out of their house, step onto the nearest sidewalk, punch a set of coordinates into their mobile device, and be transported in an instant anywhere they wanted to go.
The first ward, Los Lewr, was built to contain the knowledge of matter and act as the control center for the empties. On the Day of Transition, all of the empties broke. Anyone or anything that touched the surface of a road disappeared. No one knew where they went. Los Lewr could provide no answers. Society crumbled. The great cities of Earth, crisscrossed by webs of empties, became uninhabited wastelands. The population of the world was reduced to a few thousand, the majority of which were drawn to the remote desert surrounding Los Lewr. It was land that no one had wanted, where roads were few and far between. The survivors named their new country Malvada.

The survivors of Earth split into two camps. The majority, led by the Green Teilate Party, renounced science as having destroyed the world and vowed to become an agrarian society. The remaining believers in science called themselves the Ars Memoriae. Fearful that their knowledge would be lost, the Ars Memoriae built three more wards, so that there was one at each point of the compass in Malvada. They placed their combined learning in these wards, omitting disciplines considered harmful to humanity.
Tensions mounted between the Ars Memoriae and the Green Teilate Party. The Green Teilate Party took control of the western side of Malvada, naming it Tarlan. Tarlan had a sea, mountains, and a fertile valley between the two. It also contained Birrigat, the ward of time in the North, and Arlat, the ward of genetics in the West. The Ars Memoriae chose to leave Earth, using old combustion driven starships. The ones who were successful became known as the pallbearers. The Green Teilate Party, now calling themselves the Teilarata, closed Arlat and Birrigat, forbade travel, laid seige to Los Lewr, the ward of matter, and made practicing science a crime punishable by death. In the war that followed, Los Lewr was lost beyond a river of fire. The Ars Memoriae who remained on Earth were forced to the eastern side of Malvada, which they named Morea. There they built and fortified the city of Algodon around Chalcis, the ward of the connection of all things.
At the beginning of The Peaceful and Just, the Selessian Salaam Aktelon I arrives in Al–Akbah, a free market at the eastern edge of Tarlan. He is pursued by Xermexes, a Teilarata keeper who wishes to take him to Arlat, where the Selessian will fulfill the prophesy of the Talevala, becoming the champion who will reunite the four wards of the pallbearers and Malvada.
Chauncer, a boy from Arlat, discovers a tunnel through the mountains between Arlat and Al–Akbah. Chauncer desires the services of the champion for the Yellow Hands, a society charged with administering Arlat for the benefit of humanity.
When Salaam Aktelon I refuses to go with Xermexes, Teilarata soldiers destroy the market, leaving three survivors, Chauncer, a rabbit vendor named Kavela, and Kavela’s helper, an outcast member of the Ars Memoriae named Ullane. Chauncer convinces the others to travel with him to Arlat to free the champion from the Teilarata.
On the way to Arlat, the companions meet Mesopotamia Wrath, a widow angry with the Teilarata for stealing her almond trees. Mesopotamia Wrath reveals their identity to Darshan Marat, valetin of the scaalites, soldiers who Arlat has made impervious to injury or death. Darshan Marat sentences the companions to breaking on the Catherine wheels, and only the intervention of Valdimir Von de Veld, the vallain of Arlat, saves their lives. The yellow hands take them to Arlat’s Room of Light, where Salaam Aktelon I lies dying of the wounds inflicted upon him by the scaalites.
After the companions convince Salaam Aktelon I to allow Arlat to heal him and turn him into the champion, they learn that Vladimir Von de Veld wants to use Arlat’s powers to enter the body of the champion, so that he can live forever. Chauncer cuts Arlat away from Vladimir Von de Veld, who then dies in the Room of Light.
In Los Lewr, the last scientist, Niisteen, has built new working empties and placed them in all the wards. The companions use the empty in the Room of Light to travel to the first ward. There they meet Niisteen, who gives Ullane the mistral, a powerful weapon to fight the Teilarata. Mesopotamia Wrath stays behind in Los Lewr to marry Niisteen, and the companions return to Arlat and the Room of Light, where they find Salaam Aktelon I, now healed and the champion.
In Arlat the Yellow Hands have sealed off the Room of Light to keep Darshan Marat from creating his own champion. Ullane uses the mistral to free them. The Yellow Hands do battle with the scaalites for control of Arlat. Darshan Marat uses the Room of Light and the keeper Xermexes to create a second champion. Salaam Aktelon I climbs to the top of Arlat and discovers a message from the pallbearers. The Teilarata soldiers kill all of the Yellow Hands, but Kavela is able to cast Darshan Marat into the bottomless caverns beneath the Room of Light. As the scaalites begin their march East to attack the Ars Memoriae, Ullane uses the mistral to dump Arlat’s lake on them, washing the scaalites into an empty road and leaving Arlat in the hands of the champion Salaam Aktelon I.


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