Labor Day 2016

The Silent and Brave revision page #257

No matter how much Kim wants to insist that summer is not over, Labor Day is here. She has turned the heat on on the morning the last two days. The dogs spend more time in bed, cuddling under the covers. The flowers have not succumbed to the crisp morning chill, but they are stiff rather than August limp; they can feel the coming end. (Except for the morning glories, which I planted in earth that was too rich–they just shot vines rather than flowers all season. There’s a metaphor there, somewhere.)

Another Labor Day that we will be working. Reno will repopulate again now. The Rib Cookoff has called them all back from the lake and their other summer haunts. Softball season is over half done. My ankle is healing from last week’s beating at shortstop. We know how our team will fare, not well, but good fun, good teammates. It will rise again, a little different perhaps, but ready to take the field fresh next year. In one week the Vikings will kick off against the Titans and we will be there in Harvey’s sportsbook to watch, our one annual trip to the casino. It was going to be The Season, but now Teddy Bridgewater is gone, leaving what-might-have-beens replaced by Sam Bradford and what-might-bes. Of course we will watch it all.

Another rejection letter.

Kim is doing so well with her voice overs. Her career is coming.

My characters stand outside the wall of Birrigat, ready for their first great battle against the Teilarata.

Life is good. We continue to revolve around the sun, to live our lives and chase our dreams. Labor Day is the day we came to Lake Tahoe, 17 years ago. It’s a good time to slow down and breathe, even if we do have to go to work.




2 thoughts on “Labor Day 2016

  1. IT’S NOT FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how many damn pumpkin spice lattes pop up!!!!!
    Go Vikings!!!
    Love you, Ted!
    Go Kim n Ted!!!!


  2. Love you both. Love Kim’s Voice over work and Ted’s characters and writing. Sorry Kim that you have to turn the heat on but I firmly believe that you two, and the puppies, are in the best possible place at this point in time. Your cosmic cottage is perfect.
    Love you, love you, love you. Enjoy the fall for me😊😙😚


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