Just Can’t Wait . . .

For this to be over. The mood out there is angry, confrontational, divisive. I can feel it at work, where people still turn partisanship into conversation. I have felt that way myself. The feeling now seems to be that there are no good answers, that we are doomed.

My hope is that from these ashes will rise hope. That times will turn good again. That we will remember hope, and faith. Because what this election has tried to teach us is that we are all against one another, but that is not what America is about.

America is about recognizing that our neighbors, our coworkers, and the people we come into contact with every day of our lives are all the same as we are. We are all looking for the same things. Love. Better lives. Hope for the future. America is about government by the people, for the people. It is not what we have been promised these past few months.

On Tuesday all of the provocation will be over, and there will be answers to nothing. But maybe we can begin to look at the positives and live again, rather than use the negatives to fight one another.


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