I Did It!

I finished The Silent and Brave. It ran a lot longer than The Peaceful and Just, by almost a third. I didn’t do a real good job of cutting out rather than adding, but I really like the way it turned out and the characters I discovered and explored. I think it added a lot of depth to my world, my creation of Malvada.

Now, in order to defeat the malaise that generally falls on me after completing a project, I am immediately starting book three, The Prosperous and Malevolent. Hopefully it will be shorter and quicker. One thing I intend to do is go with a straight narrative, keeping all the characters together from beginning to end, so that I can keep one perspective, that of Kavela. That will be unlike the second book, where my point of view jumped between places and characters, following different narratives.

I have a ton of ideas. The champion has conquered two of the wards, but now he must tackle the third, and it will be the most difficult one yet. One of my main characters will be killed. Another will have his love tested. We will meet a scoundrel. A character we thought was good will turn out to be very, very bad. The Narze will return to the narrative, led by Arrik Xermexes, the Other champion.

In order to master the third ward, the champion and his companions will have to quench the river of fire. Don’t worry. I have a plan.


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