Little Victories

I had a three day weekend this week, and all I wanted to do was use the time to write. I started with this blog every day. It is a nice warmup to get my brain flowing. The down side is this week my attention span for writing only seems about an hour long, and this blog takes a lot of that time. When I turn to my novel I find that, although I write quickly, I don’t have seem to have a lot of magic left in the tank. Part of that is what I am working on, a flashback in a book that deals with time travel (how about that?) I dislike flashbacks as a rule. I find them gimmicky, so I am working against my own best advice and for all I know the work I’ve done will be a waste of time.

Yesterday was my last day off, and it just left me feeling worn out. We got our asses kicked in softball the night before, so that didn’t help. I tried the punching bag in the morning, and that felt good, but the endorphins were just missing from my life.

While I eat on my break at work I read the free Reno rag, which has some decent writing, a lot of letters about politics, and a good movie critic. There are three or four columns that are all right. It does not respect me much as a bartender for a corporate entity, but what the hell. I pay my bills.

I read my horoscope and it said that even a broken elevator is still stairs. That cheered me up. I felt like a broken elevator yesterday. Today the sun is still shining, making the flowers I planted grow, and I am happy when I think about the pages I turned out this week.