My Wife Took Me To See My Favorite Team

This is one of those. things that everyone should get to say once in their lives. We flew from Reno to Minneapolis and stayed on the seventeenth floor of the Hotel Ivy, a Minneapolis landmark hotel. img_0048We could see the stadium from our window. That’s it on the top, third row down, third from the right, #1703. We got around the city in our Sorels, even though I was worried about not having any other shoes, it was totally the right choice, and let us travel light. I had my new suitcase that Kim gave me as an early Xmas present: now I feel like a practiced traveler, like we’re going places! It was cold cold cold, but there are skyways everywhere between the downtown buildings, and the Metro train was easy to use and cheap. It was fun to figure out how to do everything together, from airport to restaurants to stadium. We had an easy, unstressed trip. We saw the Vikings almost come back and beat the Cowboys, but it was not to be this year. I must say that having a good time together with my wife makes it all better! I love you, Kim. Thanks for the wonderful birthday present! And for making me feel special! And for loving me and letting me love you in return. There is nothing better in life.img_0049